Can I do whatever I want at Meow Wolf?

You will be denied entry or ejected if Meow Wolf decides in its sole discretion:

  • If you attempt to bring onsite (including in Meow Wolf's parking lot) alcohol, federally illegal drugs, or drugs without an appropriate prescription label

  • If you are vaping or smoking inside the building or exhibit

  • If you are considered to appear intoxicated

  • If you try to sneak in prohibited items, including outside food and beverage, unless medically necessary

  • If you use taunting, abusive, or disruptive language with staff or other guests

  • If you use obscene or offensive gestures with staff or other guests

  • If you are wearing clothing in a way such that genitals, buttocks, breasts including lower half, and nipples are not fully covered with opaque fabric. This includes the wearing of pasties or thongs as outerwear.*

  • If you are wearing clothing items or tattoos that depict violence, nudity, vulgarity, or discriminatory language or graphics, threatening or offensive words, imagery, or symbolism

  • If you make others uncomfortable with unwelcome sexual attention or engage inappropriate physical contact

  • If you fight, throw objects, or engage in horseplay

  • If you destroy or steal Meow Wolf property

  • If you touch our staff or engage verbally with them in a manner deemed inappropriate

Our staff has been trained to intervene where necessary to help ensure everyone visiting Meow Wolf has a safe and positive experience.

Guests are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior to the nearest staff member or security guard. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Please review our Code of Conduct before visiting any Meow Wolf location.

*Dress Code may be modified for special events and/or functions at the discretion of the site.