Is there a dress code at Meow Wolf?

Dress Code: Meow Wolf invites all guests to come to visit us in style and we love when folks show up in creative attire and costumes.

For safety and in consideration of there are a wide variety of guests who come to enjoy our exhibition, including children and families, we prohibit the following:

  • Face masks that fully obscure the face (COVID-type masks are permitted)

  • Clothing that may be considered inappropriate for our family-friendly environment

  • Proper attire, including shoes, must be worn at all times

  • Wallet chains and spiked jewelry

  • Heely shoes

  • Clothes must be worn in a way such that genitals, buttocks, breasts including lower half, and nipples are fully covered with opaque fabric, including the wearing of pasties or thongs as outerwear*

  • Clothing items or tattoos that depict violence, nudity, vulgarity, or discriminatory language or graphics, threatening or offensive words, imagery, or symbolism

Shirts are available for purchase at the gift shop as a solution at the guest’s expense.

Meow Wolf reserves the right to deny admission to or remove anyone whose attire does not comply with the Dress Code.

*Dress Code may be modified for special events and/or functions at the discretion of the site.