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How accessible is Omega Mart?

Thirty designated accessible parking spots are available in AREA15's parking lot for participants with a valid parking permit.

Our exhibition meets ADA standards and is accessible and navigable by crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, or scooters. Still, some areas may require additional navigational guidance from our staff and they are happy to help! There is almost always more than one way to access a site, so do not be deterred if one path is not accessible! We do have an elevator to get to the second floor. Some areas on the second floor are more challenging to navigate due to steps up/down and narrow passageways/tunnels.

Areas with flashing lights are located behind clearly labeled doors.

You do not need to coordinate any ADA accommodations with staff before your arrival - know that we are here to help however we can.

We only welcome service animals per the ADA, which is limited to dogs and miniature horses. We DO NOT permit any emotional support animal (ESA) or pet, so we ask you to plan accordingly. Pets and ESAs cannot be left inside any vehicle per our policies, and Animal Control will be called.

If you require seating or other assistance while waiting in the check-in line, please ask anyone wearing a staff badge to speak to a Manager on Duty when you arrive.

Please note that while there is plenty of seating located throughout the space, Meow Wolf does not have wheelchairs available to rent or loan.

If you have additional questions about accessibility, medication, sensory inquiries or other health concerns, please reach out to vegashelp@meowwolf.com ahead of your visit so that we can accommodate you as best as possible!